We make it as easy as possible for artists and venues to connect for live music. Artists sign up on the website and create a profile that includes everything a venue would need to know:

  • Videos, demos & social media links
  • Requirements from the venue (PA, Electricity, Acoustic only)
  • What you're all about
  • Genre/style of music

And venues share everything artists need to know

  • Genre preferences
  • Availability for gigs
  • Equipment they can provide to the artist (if any)
  • Payment available

Then using the website artists can browse all of the available venues in their area to find gigs. They can filter by genre preference, venue type and availability. Once an artist finds a good fit, they can request a performance for a specific date. All performance details (from pay to parking) are also worked out through the website.

Venues can use the platform in a similar way to find artists to perform.

Our goals and intentions

We believe that live music has the potential to change the world for the better. By making music, you are doing something great for society. Some of the wisest in the world agree (check out this video on world peace and music by Deepak Chopra).

Musicians, you are the creators and catalysts spreading this experience around the world, and we made Solstice Live for you. For too long, has it been a struggle to just simply make a living working on your craft. We believe in a world where you can focus on what you love, without having to worry about making ends meet. Below is a list of our intentions in creating Solstice Live:

To create a system that allows musicians (local or touring) to earn a living playing music... and not just a living to survive, but a living to thrive and live the lives we want.

To spread the live music experience as a catalyst for creativity.

To allow businesses, events, and venues to bring the gift of live music to their patrons in the simplest most effective way possible.

Who are we?

SolsticeLive was built by Solstice. Our team is a group of developers, designers, and artists creating technology to foster a better world for creators of all kinds.